Everything is still with VLC. How to Disable Predictive Text Feature When Composing Emails in Microsoft Outlook Mail? This is costly and will most likely drain more battery than using compositing.”. If you disable effects it will just suspend them and the effect system will be in suspended state after a restart. Now with Thomas work I am confident that we will be able to remove the UI to turn on/off compositing in maybe 4.8. Are there plans to disable compositing in full-screen mode in future releases of Weston? – Ultimate Guide, Now in the Visual Effects tab, locate and check the, In the General tab, click on the drop-down menu beside the. Of course we cannot demand from our users that they know about it and can handle it. Is that always the case? Edited Feb 14, 2019 by Ante Trbojevic. I think you need this knowledge to really understand what is going on and what makes sense. 2-making window based disable compisiting for apps that don’t support this api First of all we would need to know if turning compositing off helps. I hope it will be possible to nail the state of compositing state regardless of the applications’ wishes. i3 is primarily targeted at advanced users and developers. Even if I were an idiot, I do not consider idiocy as a reason to kill oneself. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Popos Ferdin on … With OpenGL there is – it is a technical limitation on X. If you’ll keep the API, and also the shortcut (ctrl-alt-f12), then why remove the configuration option? We only need changes for games which are demanding on GPU – let’s call it the FarCry category. This article originally started as a simple exposé of Porter-Duff compositing operators, but all the other concepts related to alpha compositing were just too interesting to leave by. I really hope that video players, games and Wine pick up our new property and we will also recommend it as an additon to the NETWM specification. Welcome to Pop!_OS. Fresh install of PopOS 20.10. There’d be no big deal to turn the bool into a flag but the client should not care about “how the window wants to be composited” – it should just know: here i am, i run the show, i’m expensive, please turn expensive stuff off cause it’s pointless anyway. I wrote it originally to switch compositing on and off in order to test conky's transparency under KDE. with xrender compositing there is no performance impact. Wayland has no drawing APIs. So this is really a corner case for which manual switching is enough and I don’t want compositing disabled for any other case automatically whenever some random application decides it’s OK. Once you got that under control, you can provide patches to improve kwin, demonstrate your advanced skills and one day take over maintainership – what btw. First, why would disabling blur cause plasma to render a different set of svgs for anything other than the panel and some pop-ups? This is an open discussion, and I think people should be allowed to disable and enable compositing whenever they feel like it, tough this can be perfectly made, just adding an additional rule to powerdevil profile that makes a call to that api function (The default should be not disable, but powerdevil can give the option). Still people might prefer that 5 seconds of battery life, it might not make sense for you, and I respect that, but it makes sense for a lot of people, so leaving the option is still a good idea, even if it is just 5 seconds, and even if it’s just placebo effect. Click on it, and you’ll be brought to the Plasma desktop’s composite settings. There is a new version (0.4.1) available on Itch and IndieDB.As soon as some of you report that the bug is indeed fixed, I will upload it to Steam (UPDATE: already uploaded).. To go back to the first level of the game, just press [ESC] -> "Load" and choose chapter "1. It contains some newer software out the box but your driver problems were possibly caused by using an older kernel that something on your system (probably GPU) doesn't work with. The plugins do and Quake Live is a full-blown 3D fullscreen game just as QuickTime is a full-blown video player – both are just embedded in a web browser for interaction with a web site. Second, disabling the cube makes a big difference if you have it set as your default desktop switcher. Looking at the openSUSE games repository, it looks like it has over 200 Linux-based OSS games. One of these is a part of the core X11 protocol, which is ancient, useless, and nobody uses. Wine-Staging 6.0-RC6 Fixes An 11 Year Old Bug. you could say: “every fullscreen window shall block compositing, but not ” – we may need a “fullscreen” match in the rules dialog). So can’t we just leave opengl compositing on and forget it? Select the Not Configured or Disabled option to. I hoped the discussion in the mailing list gave a good result, but it doesnt seems so. In general it’s a damp stupid idea to use compositing on a remote desktop. It is easy to easy to use and supports across all platforms. ` Issue Type: Bug I am running the lates VSCode on PopOS Linux / 2015 MacMini Everytime I kill a process in the integrated terminal... the terminal freezes and I have to hit the Trash icon and re open. I may be missing something, but why are having compositing on and playing an HD video incompatible? Also, if later you have tried this system and you find that you want to always enable or always disable compositing, you can always file a request or patch kwin — It’s probably a one-liner to ignore app requests. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers (2) … kde/linux sux…”), (2) the uncomposited notifications that appear when you are watching a video fullscreen look different than the composited notifications in other situations (“that notification looks so ugly when watching stuff fullscreen; kde/linux sux…”), (3) there is no compositing on a remote desktop (“why does my desktop look different when I access it remotely? Copyright © 2015-2020 Solus Project. however there’s either compositing or there is not. X has two drawing APIs. A compositing window manager, or compositor, is a window manager that provides applications with an off-screen buffer for each window. The applications will take care of providing the right user experience to the users. For a change, let’s use the default cube. If the window is withdrawn (happens at crash) the block is withdrawn. Even in Windows you can disable compositing. It's making my laptop lag like crazy and run slow. You can turn it off with Mint XFCE by going to: settings > desktop settings > select Xfwm4 instead of Xfwm4 + compositing. “A good example for that is turning compositing off to save some more minutes of battery. Currently the fallback is also GNOME Panel, in future maybe Unity2D? I updated my fedora 29 to fedora 32 recently, It seems I have problem with my laptop waking up from sleep/suspend. (PowerVR should currently be the king of the hill, but they do afaik only power ARM devices) , Oh, and Martin is perfectly right about plasma. Linux kernel 2.6.37, actual x.org and intel driver. In the beginning, I have used the Glare compositing nodes for frames 0 to 160. Compositing with the GPU process. shotcut December 2, 2018, 5:22am #8. Thank you! Compositing offers two main benefits. This is pretty awesome. My monitor brand and type is detected correctly. Under Windows compositing is re-enabled then but there are a few cases which make that automatic procedure that looks great on paper a mess in reality. I can also predict that any discussion on the subject will be useless… Thats going to be fun . Right click the shortcut and hit "Properties". If you have one of those awesome drivers not supporting two OpenGL contexts at the same time, you might see either artefacts or a crashing KWin. This is what Cairo, for example, uses. Thank you. I really don’t know about the use cases of the average KWin user but in my case compositing does not greatly affect the performance of QuakeLive (Linux version). I recently installed Manjaro-bspwm on my Thelio-r2, and everything is great except the fan noise. No other distro does this but Manjaro so I am assuming it's the compositing effects. But it is not our fault if users want to run the latest software on old hardware. doesn't have os prober, so your other distros on a legacy bios won't be available until you either install os prober or you install another distro on another partition, like Linux Mint 20, to correct the situation. Additionally i think that this is the wrong aproach to do something that forces every game to change their code. hi recently i've installed kubuntu i have a ati hd compositing is marked as temporarily disabled in desktop effects on every login clicking on quot resume compositing quot brings up that might be true in modern systems, but in my netbook, basically every game looks slow with compositing, even kollision, though it’s just a bit. That will also hit GNOME Shell. When you say that there may be a increase in power consumption with composite turned off, what support do you have for that? But disabling blur causes Plasma to render a different set of SVGs, so whether there would be an advantage is not possible to be said without very good performance testing (which in case of blur depends much on hardware and drivers). ... KDE's KWin Compositor Sees Near Total Rewrite Of Compositing Code. to 2: nothing we can do about Nothing horrible, but some of the users would rather prefer no effects at all rather than having them choppy. System 76 was one of those groups of people who had high hopes for Unity 8 and the future convergence had to offer. Without compositing it is snappy. In Windows 10, Cortana is capable of composing emails, setting reminders, finding apps and performing web searches. What, however, does affect performance on my system is GPU-accelerated HD video decoding along with compositing. both at the same time requires two instances of kwin, ie. b) you can (at least for most mobile chips) enforce a specific performance mode (look out for the powermizer stuff), 3. multiscreen support in kwin is stepchilded anyway. With the new solution a notification would not cause a restart of compositing. On my old pc that was the case – radeon 9600 pro didnt made all of the animations smooth, so at some points i needed to disable it just to make desktop snappier. Sometimes (luckily not often) it happens that compositing becomes so slow that it disables itself and then I am happy to enable it again in the systemsettings (I forget the keyboard shortcut, so I go to systemsettings to reenable compositing) after which compositing runs fluently again. Sorry if i dont get it, but Beat Wolf asked about games and you answered about wine … there is something i dont get. Once all the textures are populated, rendering the contents of a page is simply a matter of doing a depth first traversal of the layer hierarchy and issuing a GL command to draw a texture for each layer into the frame buffer. Version: 20.04 Rating: 7 Date: 2021-01-02 Votes: 8 It installed fine. Each buffer is put into one final image that the compositor outputs to the display. Now, click on the Desktop Window Manager in the left pane. To turn it on in Mint 17/MATE, go to Menu -> Desktop Settings -> Windows, and check off the box that says "Use compositing", then restart mdm or reboot your machine. KWin Now Supports Suspended Compositing « Linux « Technology « Theory Report, Welcoming a new OpenGL Compositor « Martin’s Blog. I play complex 3D games on my desktop with (metacity’s) xrender compositing, and my current experience with gnome shell is that it doesn’t slow down my 3D apps at all. Yes thanks Martin, for leaving that post up there so the rest of us can see the To the KDE project core staff: get a better developer for KWin, please. 1-mergin disabling and suspending into suspendig I think years, so manually disabling should definitely don’t die, maybe it’s use could be minimized with that wine patch and making compositing off default for (fullscreen) games in kickoff. That’s a difference of >5W. What do you mean by “kwin will only allow compositing on system that support it”, I don’t think kwin should be the one making the decitions, unless it’s told to, I’m the owner of the system and I decide if I can bare slow compositing on old pc because it looks nice. How is that possible, you might ask? A Fleet may contain photos, GIFs, videos, links, and text.. Can compositing be disabled in Weston? Steps To Disable Desktop Composition. only if going to fullscreen and withdrawing the property when returning to normal state. The blocking property allows a window to block compositing e.g. AMD and Intel may be fierce competitors in the CPU space, but the two companies aren’t always trying to cut each other down. backbuffering was designed for low memory chips) Navigate to the executable or shortcut for the program you wish to disable desktop composition using Explorer. Another example are fullscreen applications. Learn more. I don’t want compositing disabled for any other case automatically whenever some random application decides it’s OK. My GPU is also a few years old already. > > It's possible to end up with a configuration on X11 that disables the > texture mapper if OpenGL isn't found. One of the things I liked best about KDE (and linux in general) was that I could fine tune it to my hearts desire. Your email address will not be published. We recently released version 14.09 with new compositing features. What happens if you remove the Wine category? Composing and Sending Messages. Log in. To the naysayers: kwin will have the API to disable compositing, so you’ll always be able to do it. Many people were excited about this, while others were quite disappointed, myself included. Skip the steps that require the compositing button. Listen to Popos Ferdin | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 3 Followers. Some day we have to start thinking about not supporting legacy hardware. Assign it a … if one window turns off compositing it will of course affect all screens. Resource Monitor will now open on your screen. 2. Picture attached. Without gpu compositing when it is affecting a machine the hack from #2779 can fix it for a single frame (bound the fix to a key combination for testing). I have found two specific issues: When a full-screen window is open and you switch to an empty workspace, the full-screen window is displayed on that workspace. So is this sort of an API that applications can use or is it a kwin only “feature” ? @taramnz – i do not know where you live, so i do unfortunately not have a commercial link, but you desperately want this: You should keep this truth in mind when designing your software. For them it’s just “KDE/Linux is slow”. When compositing is needed, it is on, when compositing is bad at the moment, it is off. To disable it, navigate to Look and Feel > Windows > General in the System Preferences and tick the box alongside Enable software compositing window manager. Also, if later you have tried this system and you find that you want to always enable or always disable compositing, you can always file a request or patch kwin — It’s probably a one-liner to ignore app requests. I personally doubt that turning compositing off will save battery, but will cause a further drain. Now, open the Task Manager again and locate the. If so, is it possible for kwin to take remote XDMCP sessions into account, and switch compositing off when run over XDMCP? If KDE is run remotely via an XDMCP session it performance is bad, really really bad. Maybe it’s possible to create a generic way to check for the performance and then decide what to do. Enable or Disable Sentence Auto-Completion in Outlook The sentence auto-complete feature for Microsoft Outlook for the Web attempts to predict what you are writing when composing an email. To create a new Fleet, start by tapping your profile image and: Tap the Fleet compose icon.. Compose your message (it can be comprised of text, photos, a GIF, or video). Select the Compatibility tab and check Disable desktop composition, then click on OK. Anyway the main point, I think, was that this isn't an issue at all in Windows and it's stupid that you can't just disable it. For custom kernel setup, skip to the next subsection.1. Hi, Just recently while I've been making emails in outlook I'll get some grey text that appears in front of the characters I've actually typed out and there is a little tab key icon at the end of the greyed text that completes the sentence with the greyed out suggested text included if I press tab. Well, Firefox itself doesn’t. There are 2 I really like about your work: Drawing on the GPU, Tiling, and Quads. So sometimes they crash but since Firefox itself continues to run, compositing is off until FF is closed and restarted. My personal facebook account disabled please help recovery my account. How about dual monitor setups with that aproach? a multihead setup. What happens when an application requests to turn off compositing and then crashes? The only effect where it might make sense is for example blur when running out of battery. First, if buggy drivers slow down desktop when compositing is enabled and the user will want to disable it, he couldnt do that easily, and he will have a laggy desktop environment. They had hung tight and stayed faithful as we all aw… On the other side, speaking of desktop in which you never need to disable compositing, im already having it. The same is true for watching Full-HD videos: often graphics cards are not powerfull enough to do both compositing and GPU accelerated decoding. good if you face high frequent updates) and i really appreciate the time you have taken to reply to all the other legitimate I've just come from the thread below, where the OP had an issue with the brush tool producing broken lines, and he found that Legacy Compositing fixed it. 1. There is no fallback except GNOME Panel. With unredirection compositing would be started again, causing an ugly flickering and taking away important resources from VLC. In my opinion, the best would be the possibility to choose between “Disable desktop effects”, “Always enable desktop effects” and “Smart usage of desktop effects” (the latter being your current proposal). not fullscreen but just too expensive (for your particular system) is rather a job for the rules. Blocking compositing for “normal” clients which are esp. Start with a new Blender document. Depending on how efficient the client does this, it can be “quite ok” to “horribly expensive”. And I know that is only a small fraction of the Linux games available (I think the Packman repo had at least that many games that were not also present in the openSUSE repo). If done correctly, you should see a boot device selection menu, like one of the following images. Of course KWin will only allow compositing on systems which support it. It is already added to the window rules framework. The question is how kwin should now that the screen is forwarded to another system. Pop!_OS will boot into the familiar Pop!_OS desktop. Currently KWin supports unredirecting of fullscreen windows. Gpu compositing has been disabled, either via blacklist, about:flags or the command line. In my humble opinion both are fundamentally flawed concerning the fallback to no compositing. already implemeted in the rules framework.