Company Profile

Our History

Green Engineering was founded in 1997 by our principal, Mr. Dave Jacob. At the time, the company's main thrust was to provide environmental consultancy services to the general manufacturing and oil & gas industries. The business soon expanded to provide a wider range of contracting services in order to satisfy our clients' efforts to become compliant with local and international environmental standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote best practice in environmental management, and to improve public awareness in environmental matters. Our objective is to design and implement methods to minimise, prevent or mitigate damage to environmental systems that are put at risk.
At Green Engineering, sound environmental practice and the use of state-of-the-art methodology are the driving force behind our existing Quality Management System. Our commitment to quality enables us to provide a most effective service that meets and exceeds customer expectations. To further solidify this position, we are currently working towards achieving ISO 9001 (2008) certification status.

Our Services & Facility

Green Engineering provides consulting and contracting services in the following areas of Environmental Engineering:

  • Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management
  • Asbestos and other Special Wastes Management (Fluorescent Tubes / Laboratory Packs / Biomedical Wastes / Nuclear Wastes / Pesticides / Wastewater Treatment Plants)
  • Offshore E&P Waste Management
  • Environmental Site Assessments and CEC Applications
  • Contaminated Site Remediation and Restoration
  • Hazmat Emergency Response
  • Specialized Training Services and Public Awareness

Our technical services are provided out of the first locally owned and designed, fully operational Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) in the region, which is located at Freeport in Central Trinidad.


Academy of Chartered Hazardous Materials Managers (ACHMM) (USA)

National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) (USA)

Society of Professional Engineers (SPE) (International)

American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago (AMCHAM)