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Since its inception in 1997, the Green Engineering team was designed as a technically compact unit comprising of a group of environmental experts in various disciplines, with field support provided by a fully certified technical crew.

The services provided by Green Engineering are products of a multidisciplinary team of technocrats we have attracted over the years with expertise in various aspects of environmental sciences, engineering, and management. The Green team boasts a cumulative experience totalling more than 75 years in the local environmental business. Since 1979 principal members of the team have been operating in the areas of Environmental Management. In T&T, during the formative years of environmental awareness, Green personnel were at the core of numerous projects and efforts to improve environmental stewardship through the use of sound environmental procedures and technology, and general public and industry awareness.

Key members of our team include:

Dave G. Jacob


Curtis Paul


Camille Arieatas


The Green team is well supported at our TSDF and out on the field at project sites by our technically certified Hazmat Crew based at Freeport, as well as our Administrative Support Staff who maintain functionality at our facilities on a daily basis.