Dave G. Jacob



Mr Jacob graduated from UWI, St. Augustine Campus in 1978 with a major in Analytical Chemistry. He is a certified Hazardous Materials Manager having received his accreditation from the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, District of Columbia, USA in 1999.

Mr Jacob has been involved in the design and operations of the first locally owned TSDF, founded in 1996 to service the needs of more than 60 local generators of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes. Clients include major operators in the Petro-Chemicals, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Printing & Paints, Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals, Construction & General, Public Utilities, and Public Health Services Sector.

As part of his impressive portfolio of Projects, he has managed numerous local and regional environmental projects and is recognized regionally for his expertise in hazardous waste management.  

Mr Jacob brings to the team intimate knowledge of the local industry and the management of the various wastes generated from their activities.