Contaminated Site Remediation & Restoration

Demerara Road Lead Contaminated Site – Remediation & Restoration


Moonlight Avenue, Demerara Road, Wallerfield, East Trinidad




Residents of a squatter community at Wallerfield were tested positive for high blood lead levels. The government of T&T in collaboration through the EMA and in collaboration with Green Engineering conducted a Phase II Site Assessment and subsequent remediation of the site, including soil excavation, treatment and disposal in accordance with US EPA, BSI and ASTM standards. The site was restored to its original “natural” state inclusive of an artificial wetland ecosystem.

Project Client(s) Year(s)
Environmental site clean-up and restoration of ANSA Technologies Warehouse at Kings' Wharf, San Fernando ANSA Technologies 2005
Clean-up and restoration of burnt industrial chemical facility and site at Cuchuwan Trace, Debe EMA 2006
Clean up and capping of a lead waste contaminated residential site at La Chance Rd., Arima EMA 2007
Remediation of lead contaminated soil from site at O'Meara, Arima Metal Industries Company Metal Industries Company Limited 2009
Stabilisation & solidification treatment and disposal of loose contaminated soil removed from the BG Gas Reception Plant at Beachfield, Guayaguyare BG International Limited 2010