Industrial & Hazardous Waste Management Projects

Treatment and Disposal of Petrochemical & General Industry Wastes


Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Trinidad & Tobago


1997 to Present


Management of Hazardous Waste Materials generated from major Petrochemical Industry including Ammonia, Urea, Formaldehyde, Methanol, Industrial Gases, Iron & Steel, and the Manufacturing Industry. Included in the service we provide to the industry, is the design of treatment and disposal options for the safe and environmentally sound disposal of wastes generated from their operations. To facilitate this process Green Engineering owns and operates a Treatment Storage and Disposal (TSDF) facility which is designed to properly handle, treat, and temporarily store industrial wastes for disposal. Our proprietary Stabilisation and Solidification Process is well supported by TCLP testing to demonstrate conformance to environmental standards for landfill disposal. A chain-of-custody is maintained through-out each step of the waste management system (collection, transfer and disposal) conducted on behalf of our client and it is documented by a manifest system.

Project Client(s) Year(s)
Hazardous wastes & personal care products Unilever Caribbean Limited 2000 to present
Hazardous ink & printing wastes Dundonald Holdings Limited (DHL) 2001 to 2009
NP Sea Lots Lead Wastes National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP) 2002
Cooling tower fill, contaminated slurry & other industrial wastes Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL) 2002 to present
Industrial & hazardous wastes PCS Nitrogen 2005 to present
Expired fungicides, insecticides & personal care products Oscar Francois Limited 2006 to present