Offshore E&P Waste Management Projects

Offshore Waste Management Services


Chaguaramas to Galeota Point, Trinidad & Tobago


2001 to Present


Developed Waste Management Plans for the major Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies operating out of Trinidad and Barbados, including Shell, Exxon, Conoco, BHP Billiton, British Gas, Bp Amoco and Repsol. Services included the design and implementation of offshore generated waste management plans consistent with the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) STEP program. Green Engineering also provided equipment and other waste disposal logistics services to the industry.

Project Client(s) Year(s)
Waste management plan, equipment supply & waste disposal services for EEPTL offshore drilling operations Exxon Exploration and Production Trinidad Limited 2000
Management of bpTT / ASCO Offshore Exploration & Production Wastes bpTT / ASCO (Galeota Point) 2000 to present
BHP Billiton collection & disposal activities & equipment services - include project name here BHP Billiton 2002 to present
Waste characterization & quantification for mass balance analysis & waste minimization project REPSOL YPF 2009