Special Wastes Management Projects

DDT (Pesticide) Waste Disposal


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago




Green Engineering working in a joint consultancy with HAZCO Canada, conducted a project to abate, package and ship 25 tonnes of DDT and other pesticide contaminated wastes for final destruction by incineration in Alberta Canada. The DDT was consolidated from various storage locations around Trinidad & Tobago, and re-containerized into two (2) 40 foot containers at the NIPDEC Warehouse in Chaguaramas for shipping to an HTI Incinerator in Alberta, Canada. Local workers employed with the Solid Waste Company and Local Government Ministry were trained in HazWOpER as part of a technology program which formed part of the Terms of Reference (TOR) for this project. A fully equipped Emergency Response Vehicle was also supplied as a project deliverable.

Project Client(s) Year(s)
Management of spent Fluorescent tubes Petrotrin, POWERGEN, bpTT, TSTT, Hi-Lo Food Stores, Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, and more 1998 to present
Provision of Biomedical Waste Management services Trinidad and Tobago Forensics Sciences Center 1998 to present
Provision of operations service & preventative maintenance for the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) & lift stations International Steel Group (ISG) 2004 to present
Collection, treatment & disposal of obsolete pesticides and herbicides Chemistry Food and Drugs Division 2006
Refurbishment & start-up of the WWTP & Lift Station at the IPSL-AUM Administration Building IPSL 2010