Our Services

The services provided by Green Engineering are products of a multidisciplinary team of technocrats we have attracted over the years with expertise in various aspects of environmental sciences, engineering, and management.

Asbestos Management & Abatement

Materials such as Asbestos, are extremely harmful, not just to the environment, but to those that come into contact with it. They therefore, require specialised tools, gear and personnel for their safe removal.

Green Engineering uses special isolation techniques that allow us to remove asbestos. We also provide services for the abatement, packaging and shipping of pesticide contaminated waste to Canada for final destruction through incineration.

Additionally our trained professionals train others in HazWOpER, and supply fully equipped Emergency Response Vehicles.

Hazardous Materials Management

The Petrochemical Industry generates major Hazardous Waste through their Ammonia, Urea, Formaldehyde, Methanol, Industrial Gases, Iron & Steel, and the Manufacturing factories.

Green Engineering designs and executes the safe and environmentally sound treatment and disposal options for the wastes generated through their operations. To facilitate this process Green Engineering owns and operates a Treatment Storage and Disposal (TSDF) facility which is designed to properly handle, treat, and temporarily store industrial wastes for disposal.

Our proprietary Stabilisation and Solidification Process is well supported by TCLP testing to demonstrate conformance to environmental standards for landfill disposal. A chain-of-custody is maintained through-out each step of the waste management system (collection, transfer and disposal) conducted on behalf of our client and it is documented by a manifest system.

Environmental Site Assessments

The environment & soil at a site can become polluted due to repeated dumping, or expulsion of hazardous waste. In and around factories, construction sites, oil fields and other chemical production or bi-production, this is especially possible. Organisation or manufacturers who use chemicals and plastics amongst their raw materials can also cause site contamination.

Green Engineering will assess such sites and its neighbouring communities to determine the extent of contamination and where possible will remediate the site to the desired standard.

Green Engineering will also assess any future construction sites to determine if any remediation is required before work can begin and occupation of the site is feasible for human beings and their pets.

Offshore E&P Waste Management

Green Engineering develops Waste Management Plans for the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production. We’ve provided services for companies operating out of Trinidad and Barbados, which include Shell, Exxon, Conoco, BHP Billiton, British Gas, Bp Amoco and Repsol.

Green Engineering will design and implement offshore generated waste management plans consistent with the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) STEP program. We also provided equipment and other waste disposal logistics services to the industry.

Specialised Training Services

Green Engineering has teamed up with Greenville Technical College to provide training and certification for Asbestos Management, Planning and Abatement Supervision on an annual basis. Pre-certified asbestos professionals are also afforded the opportunity to keep their certification current through our annual refresher programs.

Similarly, HazWOper training is provided together with Bevcamp Environmental Services and Training operating out of the USA. Every year, workers from industry are invited to participate in this informative and instructive program and to become certified to treat with the hazardous materials being managed at their facilities.

Contaminated Site Remediation & Restoration

Green Engineering has for many years worked to resolve and remediate the soil and environment in places where chemical contamination has occurred. This is especially needed in places where high lead levels are tested in the blood of residents or where symptoms of chemical exposure occur in inhabitants and animals.

Amongst the remediation techniques employed are soil stabilisation and solidification and the removal and proper disposal of contaminated soil. From lead contamination to burnt industrial chemicals, Green Engineering has restored mother nature to a sustainable state throughout Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.