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“LIDUSITE” Treatment Formulation

Green Engineering has developed a chemical called “LIDUSITE”, which was designed as a general formulation for use in the treatment of hazardous chemical wastes. LIDUSITE is a universal chemical absorbent and stabilizer, with the following constituents:

  • An adsorbent medium
  • An inorganic metals stabilizer
  • Synthetic clay

Properties of Lidusite

  • Chemical buffer for pH adjustment and wide spectrum chemical stabilization
  • A pozzolanic ingredient for the precipitation and fixing of heavy metals and salts
  • Acts as a chemical adsorption agent, allowing for further adsorption at the micro molecular level, and enabling the preliminary fixing of the mobile ions in waste material.
  • Improves overall consistency of the formulation and enables easy handling of liquid wastes. 

For the treatment of organic waste materials, LIDUSITE Plus (LIDUSITE+) is used, which has the same basic composition as the generic formulation, with the addition of an organic absorbent, to remove hydrocarbons and free oils from waste material.

Properties of Lidusite Plus

  • Enables Organic and inorganic chemical stabilization
  • Acts as a buffer for pH adjustment
  • Acts as a Hydro-carbon adsorption agent
  • Acts as a precipitation agent for heavy metals and metal salts
NOTE: In the treatment of chemicals with specific hazardous properties, additives are introduced in order to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment formulation.